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2516 20th St.
Santa Monica, CA  90405
BEASON, Arlene
Arlene faithfully ministered with her husband Douglas in the administration of Committee On Missionary Evangelism.  She is now retired and serving the Lord in Grand Rapids, MI.
BREWER, Gary, Cathy
After serving with Bibles International for several years, the Brewers started a ministry called Partners in Discipleship International.  They lead the ministry focusing on translating and distributing discipleship materials to Asian countries.
CAYOT, Paul, John Paul, Jasmine
Paul is the director of the Regular Baptist Conference of Southern California, also known as Victory Ranch.  He directs the various retreat and camping ministries there.
CHAMPEON, Birch, Connie, Warren, Rowan
The Champeons work with Bibles International a ministry of Baptist Mid-Missions.  They travel worldwide to do technical computer and literacy work for tribal groups who are just receiving the Bible in their language.
Jack and his wife Dorothy worked with Baptist Church Planters to plant churches in Southern California, including Calvary Baptist Church, Oceanside.  In his retirement years, Jack continues to preach and minister in the brig at Camp Pendleton.
FULKS, Paul, Laura, Reagan, Logan
The Fulks serve with Baptist Mid-Missions in church planting in Utah.  They are currently ministering in the city of Herriman.
HODSDON, Carl, Nikki, Ashilynn, Catelynn, Josiah
The Hodsdons are involved in church planting work with Mount Abarim Baptist Mission in Peru.
KALLIN, John, Sylvia
The Kallins are retired after working for years with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism along the Amazon River in Brazil.  They now serve the Lord in Minnesota.
LOSSING, Jim, Alethia
The Lossings have been working for years with Baptist Mid-Missions in Peru.  They are involved in church planting and seminary teaching.
MOORE, Jim, Shirlie
The Moores are now retired after serving for years with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism in Philippines, Cambodia, and Nepal.  They now serve the Lord in Oregon.
The Nickells served for years with Baptist Mid-Missions doing church planting and seminary teaching in Brazil.  Thelma now serves the Lord in her retirement in California.
ROGERS, Herb, Marie
After pastoring for many years, Herb serves as the representative for the Association of Regular Baptist Churches of Southern California.  They live in Victorville, California.
ROW, Sharon
Sharon has retired after serving with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism as a teacher in a missionary school in Chile.  She now serves the Lord in Florida.
Alisha works with Baptist International Mission Inc. in teaching and children's ministries in Uganda.
THORNBURGS, Larry, Rose Anne
The Thornburgs have worked for years with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism in church planting and seminary teaching in Spain.  They are now retired and continue to serve the Lord in Spain.
The Kumars serve the Lord in Hyderabad, India, in Jehovah-Jireh Baptist Ministries doing church planting, children's work, Bible institute teaching, visitation in slums, missionary work in rural churches, orphan support, etc.