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New Hymns
While we love to sing old hymns here at Bible Baptist Church, we also feel the necessity for new hymns to be written in each generation.  Pastor Russ Boone and Tom Baker have worked on several original hymns which are included on this page.  There are also some old hymns with new arrangements.  It is our hope that the hymns will be useful to God's people everywhere.  Though they are copywrited, permission is granted to print and photocopy as long as nothing is altered and the copies are not used for financial gain.
Be Still and Know That I Am God - PDF
The text of this original hymn was written by Pastor Russ as he was preparing a sermon on Psalm 46.  He gave the words to Tom to see if he could set them to music.  At first Tom thought of making a grand, stately tune, but it just didn't seem to fit.  Finally he came up with a melody that sounded somewhat like a lullaby.  Russ assured him that this was fitting since the title of Psalm 46 says, "A Song upon Alamoth."  'Alamoth' means 'lilies'.  Many scholars think that this might mean that it was to be sung by women or soprano voices.  The Psalmist tells us that in the midst of horrendous catastrophes, we can be still and know that Jehovah is God.
Cast Thy Bread upon the Water - PDF
This hymn, based on Ecclesiastes 11:1, was originally written by William J Kirkpatrick in 1881.  Tom Baker edited some of the words and set them to a beautiful original arrangement.
Come, You Disconsolate - PDF
This hymn was originally written by Thomas Moore in 1816.  The words were partially changed by Thomas Hastings in 1831.  Then in 2013, while looking for a closing song for a Sunday morning service that would coincide with his sermon, Pastor Russ edited the words.  He included a verse written by Moore that Hastings had left out, and added a new last verse.  Then Tom Baker set it to new music.
I Have a Purpose - PDF
This original song was written by Tom and Russ especially for a Vacation Bible School one summer.  It is based on Philippian 1:21.
It Is Finished - PDF
James Proctor wrote the words to this hymn in the 19th century.  Pastor Russ first read the words in H A Ironside's book, Except Ye Repent.  He gave the words to Tom who quickly set them to an original tune.  Proctor originally prefaced the hymn with the following words: "Since I first discovered Jesus to be the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth, I have more than once met with a poor sinner seeking peace at the foot of Sinai instead of Calvary, and I have heard him again and again in bitter disappointment and fear groaning out, 'What must I do?'  I have said to him, 'Do, do?  What can you do?  What do you need to do?'"
It Is I - PDF
This was one of Russ and Tom's first collaborations.  It is based on John's vision of Christ in Revelation 1.
Let Me Tremble at Thy Word - PDF
This is an original song in which Tom Baker wrote the words and the music.  It is largely based on Psalm 119.
Look to Jesus - PDF
This original song comes from Pastor Russ' personal testimony and is based on Isaiah 45:22.  Tom Baker wrote the music.
Only One Life - PDF
The words of this hymn were written by the former cricket star turned missionary, C T Studd.  Pastor Russ grew up hearing the phrase, "Only one life, 'twill soon be past; only what's done for Christ will last."  He found that the phrase actually came from Studd's hymn.  Tom Baker put these tremendous words to new music.
There Is a Kingdom Coming - PDF
This is the first hymn in which Pastor Russ collaborated with his son Andrew.  He has been studying piano for several years with Tom Baker.  The words and music were written in 2013, for a Bible Conference with the theme, Thy Kingdom Come.
We Have a Sure Prophetic Word - PDF
This hymn was written by Emmanuel Cronenwett in the late 1800's.  Tom Baker discovered the words and put them to original music.