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2516 20th St.
Santa Monica, CA  90405
Photo Galleries
Old Church Pics
Our church was originally founded as Immanuel Bible Church in 1940.  Here are some pictures of our church over the years.

Bibleland Adventure 2012
On Saturday, June 2, 2012, we had our annual Bibleland Adventure.  This year Aquila and Priscilla led the children to different Bible cities to meet Bible characters in order to search for Paul.  As they traveled to the different locations, they learned from the characters about what Paul taught concerning forgiveness.  The first stop was Damascus to visit Ananias where they learned that the very worst sinners can be forgiven.  Next was Lystra to visit Lois, Eunice, and Timothy where they learned that even young children can be forgiven.  After that they went to the marketplace in Philippi to visit Lydia where they learned that forgiveness is not always popular.  The last stop was the jailor's house in Philippi where they learned that forgiveness is absolutely free.