Tom Baker
Co-founder, Creationeers

For almost all of my life I had questions about whether there was any real connection between science and the Bible.  If there was a connection, just how close was that connection?  All the popular media around me kept trying to make me believe they were on opposite sides of the spectrum, two polar opposites.  But somehow it did not seem right.  Something inside me was telling a different story.  For example, every time I looked up at the heavens I did not feel science stirring within me; quite the opposite, I felt the undeniable awareness of a powerful God, a mighty God, the loving God of a beautiful universe.

Then I got saved and turned to the Bible.  Needless to say, everything changed.  Quickly, I began to get answers.  Powerful answers to the most powerful questions.  My eyes were opened to see the truth through the Bible as God would have us know it, and I began to see just how closely science and the Bible were aligned, just how closely they went hand in hand.  This is not a cold heartless universe around us that God wants us dearly to know.  We just have to look - to the Bible and then to God's creation - it's all waiting to be discovered.

This is why we have started CREATIONEERS.  We are dedicated to exploring God's truth with you.  We want you and your family to share in that incredible pursuit to discover more about God and His wonderful creation in a way that will change how you look at the world and live in it.  Won't you join us?  Adventure awaits!

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. ~ Psalm 19:1